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Titanium ring Grizzly

GRIZZLY: we also live thanks to our extraordinary instinct.

The Grizzly bear is one of the most precious symbols in nature. The name derives from the hair, which, falling along the shoulders and back and having whitish tips, give the bear a 'grizzled' appearance: hence "Grizzly". Despite his large size, he is a very fast runner. It is an animal of extraordinary strength and size and is considered the largest carnivore in the world. The grizzly, like many other wild animals, lives thanks to its instinct, its habits and gestures, and with the help of its extraordinary nose and hearing constantly makes decisions that are the best for it.

Time Capsule

A time capsule in Titanium Grade 5 to keep your jewel, forever.

Time Capsule aperta

Shaped on You

The jewel of your dreams, your forever. We sculpt your wish
in the most resistant material in the world.


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