First there was gold.
Now a new era begins:
that of Titanium.

Why in Titanium Grade 5

Formula 1 on you.
Indestructible, enormously light, extremely bright and completely hypoallergenic: the eternal jewel made with exclusive Formula 1 materials.

Titanium is a technological and exclusive material. It turns out to be very difficult to work due to its mechanical characteristics and it is very difficult to be able to blend to create shapes.
To create shapes it is necessary to fuse a much larger blank with high tech machinery and with processes derived from construction for aerospace, aeronautical, Formula 1 and Moto GP groups.
A single jewel, for example, weighs about 210 grams as a raw piece and less than 15 grams as a finished piece: therefore about 95% of the material is removed.
Despite their lightness, they are incredibly resistant and indestructible products, which is why they are called eternal jewels. They could be hidden underground or at the bottom of the sea for 15 years and when you take them back they would be as good as new. They stand out for their hypoallergenicity and for the gray color, definitely different from that of stainless steel, which gives them great brightness.


"Which cannot fail, perpetually valid and effective, very solid, unshakable."
Titanium is not afraid of any type of corrosion, which is why it can be said to be eternal: because today or in 20 years, it will always be as good as new.

Extremely shiny

"Able to emit a bright light, to welcome it while remaining considerably illuminated by it, to use it appropriately."
Titanium shines with that gray color that makes each of its products luminous from every angle.

Completely hypoallergenic

"Which does not give rise to allergy."
Titanium is also used in the biomedical field for the creation of brackets and screws for the treatment of fractures, therefore, even those who have problems wearing jewelry if not gold, can safely wear Titanium.

Enormously lightweight

"The idea of limited weight can translate into the concepts of" tolerability ", of "ease" of use or use."
Titanium is a very light material (about 60% less than steel) and this means that fairly large objects such as bracelets, rings and pendants are not very heavy and not at all annoying to wear.


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