It’s time for the
Titanium era.


Nascar official sponsor

Nascar Whelen Euro Series

Power, energy, fury, effectiveness: these are the values that bind us to Nascar.
From this collaboration comes the new prestigious “Fastest Driver Award” which provides for the awarding of the fastest driver in the Elite 1 division with an exclusive ring conceived, designed and built specifically for this event.

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Titanium Grade 5

Jewels that express power, made with one of the strongest materials on Earth: Titanium No. 5.
Indestructible, enormously light, extremely bright, completely hypoallergenic: eternal jewels,
perfect for the man who makes style a lifestyle choice.
History, magic, mystery and energy mix and whirl until they merge to give life to small masterpieces, magnificently rich in details, capable of making you dream.


“Our jewel is born to last over time and it is personalized
with screen prints and details that distinguish you and your personality.
Each piece is numbered and accompanied by a Quality Certificate
which certifies its exclusivity.”
Luca Saladino - Founder

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Anello indiano


Titanium jewels are rare and precious because they require special processing possible
only with sophisticated and extremely precise machinery.
Each Tijey creation is characterized by attention to detail and an absolutely unique and exclusive design.


“Each jewel is sculpted for over 8 hours on Titanium Grade 5
from machinery equipped with the most advanced technology.
The same technology used in the aeronautical field
and sports car."
Luca Saladino - Founder

Titanium jewelry

Bracelets, rings and pendants that express strength and arouse emotions.
Each jewel takes shape from a design inspired by the wonders of nature and mythology.
Tijey collections are real sculptures, amazing and fascinating original pieces.

Shaped on You

The jewel of your dreams, your forever. We sculpt your wish
in the most resistant material in the world.

Taylor made jewels

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Our jewelry is not sold in stores, but made and distributed directly by Tijey Titanium Jewelry.
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